Alienware Aurora 2019: The Best Gaming Tower You Can Buy

Alienware Aurora 2019
Alienware Aurora 2019

The last couple of years has been rough for gaming towers.

From bulky designs to archaic features, many manufacturers fell short of expectations and failed to keep up with the rapidly changing market.

With so many great options on the market right now, it’s no wonder why more and more gamers are choosing desktops over laptops.

They offer significantly better performance and come packed with a ton of valuable features that you won’t find on most laptops.

The Dell Alienware Aurora is undoubtedly one of the best gaming towers available in 2019.

It offers an impressive design, excellent hardware, and various unique features that set it apart froM its competitors.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at its pros and cons and explain why you should consider buying this tower instead of other options.

Why the Dell Alienware Aurora was the Best Gaming Tower in 2019

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The Alienware Aurora has all the makings of a great gaming tower.

It has the hardware, features, and design to meet the needs of just about any gamer out there.

But why is it the best gaming tower on the market right now? Let’s take a look.

First off, it offers exceptional value for the money.

You get a lot for the money you pay for this tower, and it’s cheaper than most other gaming towers.

It also has a solid design that’s both attractive and sturdy.

The Aurora is built like a tank and can withstand years of abuse with slight wear and tear.

And since it’s a desktop, you don’t have to deal with the overheating issues that plague most laptops.

It also delivers excellent performance. This gaming tower can handle the latest games on the market without breaking a sweat.

Cutting-edge Hardware

The Alienware Aurora packs some of the best hardware in most gaming towers today.

The base model features a Core i5-8400 six-core processor that runs at a stock speed of 2.8 GHz.

This is paired with 16GB of DDR4 RAM and an AMD Radeon RX 560 graphics card that can be upgraded to a Radeon RX 570.

If you want to get the most out of this gaming tower, you can upgrade the processor to a Core i7-8700 six-core chip that runs at a stock speed of 3.2 GHz.

Even the highest-end model features an Intel Core i7 processor that can be overclocked up to 4.8 GHz.

The Alienware Aurora also has room for future upgrades, so you can quickly expand its capabilities as new hardware becomes available.

You can also add additional drives for added storage and increase the RAM size to up to 32GB.

Unique Features You Won’t Find on Other Gaming Towers

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The Alienware Aurora may look like any other gaming tower on the outside, but it has a ton of unique features that you won’t find on other models.

For starters, it has a built-in RGB lighting system that can be customized to your liking.

The lighting system covers the front and sides of the tower and can be set to one of a few pre-programmed colors, or you can adjust it manually using the Alienware software.

The Alienware Aurora also features an easy-access design that lets you upgrade the tower without dismantling the entire thing.

Magnets hold the side panel in place and can easily be removed without any tools.

This makes upgrading the hardware inside a breeze and is something you won’t find on most other towers.

Aesthetically Pleasing Design

The Alienware Aurora’s design is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

The tower is made of sturdy steel and has a futuristic design accentuating the RGB lighting system.

You can also adjust its height and tilt the screen to make it more comfortable.

This gaming tower is also heavy and can be moved around with ease.

The Alienware Aurora also has a built-in microphone and headset jack, so you can easily communicate with other players.

This feature, rarely found in most gaming towers, is a welcome addition for many gamers.

The Bad and the Ugly


While the Alienware Aurora is one of the best gaming towers you can buy, it isn’t without its flaws.

For one, it can be quite loud while in use.

This isn’t a big deal if you’re playing in a quiet room, but it can be distracting if you’re gaming with a group of friends.

Another thing worth noting is that this gaming tower isn’t exactly portable.

Since it has to be plugged into a wall, you won’t be able to move it around with ease.

Final Words

The Alienware Aurora is, without a doubt, the best gaming tower you can buy.

It has everything you need in a gaming tower, including excellent hardware and many unique features you can’t find on most other models.

This gaming tower is great for gamers of all skill levels and is well worth its price.

If you’re looking for a gaming tower that can handle the latest games on high settings, the Alienware Aurora is the way to go.

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Written by Philip Watson

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