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    [Video] ZOHO WG1107 Android 7" tablet+phone+tv+gps+3g


    + Lots of features (photos, GPS, TV, FM, Bluetooth, GSM, WCDMA)
    + Support for external bluetooth keyboards
    + Stable Android firmware 2.3.4
    + Very decent build quality
    + Large battery
    + A sensitive capacitive touchscreen
    + Touch buttons with backlight

    Do not like:
    - Obsolete processor architecture ARMv6+vfp, not 100% compatibility with several latest software
    - No Adobe Flash
    - No hardware decoding of HD video
    - Lack of standard miniUSB mode HOST
    - Could not run the video in Skype (audio works).
    - A very thin antenna (must be very careful to put forward).
    - Only 512 mb internal flash memory
    - Does not works touchscreen when charger plugged in, when charging from the USB then everything is OK.
    - Slow USB speed
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    Good video!!!
    Would you mind if we added your video to pandawill youtube? We will marked it was taken by you.

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    pandawill Yes, of course, I agree.

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    Thanks a lot.^^

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    Great Tablet
    By the way I need your Help plaese .
    I upgrade it to android v4.0 without problems, works fine exept a problem with the screen, it become upside-down and i fix that with an market application .
    Traying to send a script in to the system, the tablet hang on boot and than no way to get it back .
    I need the firmware of the ZOHO WG1107 Android 7" tablet+phone+tv+gps+3g in order to refalsh it back .
    Plaese any help is very appreciate .

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    Firmware updating of MTK6573 is not so easy.
    Here is firmware for WG1107 for flashing via Flashtool.

    But before this try to make WIPE (factory reset):
    1. Turn off device
    2. Hold vol+ and turn on device
    3. You will see recovery mode
    4. Select Wipe
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    Thank you RuslanMG
    I'll try to do that soon, but the problem is that the tablet d'ont turn on and i have connexion via flashtools

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    Red face Wg1107

    Hi All,

    My WG 1107 tablet does not recognize the USB Port. Can you advise how to solve this?

    Also, is there a way how I could read Adobe documents?

    Please advise.


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    WG1107 USB works only in OTG mode. This means that it can be connected only to PC. And external USBstick, mouse and so on will not works.
    If you connect device to PC then you will see USB icon in Android status bar. Just open it and select "Connect to PC" then USB connection will be activated.

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    Dear sir. I already owned wg1107. I wud like to know if i can ROOT it. If can be be rooted, pls teach me how to do it. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks in advance

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