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    Apple Peel 520 gets reviewed--Engadget.com

    the rumor continued to spread that Apple Peel 520 will be promoted on 10th of this month. A reviews on engadget.com give us some points.
    No one expressly said that the Apple Peel 520 would change your life, but if you play your cards right, that's not [i]entirelyout of the question. The mysterious doodad -- which wraps around youriPod touch and holds an extended battery and SIM card -- has causedquite the stir since being revealed late last month, and now it hasundergone a full review overseas. Put simply, the device [i]doeswork as advertised, turning one's iPod touch into a device fullycapable of making / receiving calls as well as texts. 'Course, you'llneed to jailbreak your device first, and you'll have to deal with astatic (read: impossible to adjust) call volume, quirky SMS deliveryand blanked messages for missed calls, but hey -- a small price to payfor the upgrade, right? Hit the source link for the full skinny and avideo to boot.

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    Reply 1# [i]giggle

    hi giggle,

    thanks for sharing.

    Every new item is expected to be an eye catcher after it's released, so we can see the detailed even suspicious ads,

    i think we just can make a real review after we get this item and use it.


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