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    [Pre Order] - Remote Control Air Swimmers

    Do you know what are zeppelins? Not Led Zeppelin xD. No?

    This is a Zeppelin.

    How about to have a shark and/or clownfish "zeppelin"? No, I don't use drugs or have mental problems ¬¬

    On 2011/09/15 Pandawill will begin to sell these R/C.
    They are very cool. To see how they work, look this video:


    Check the product links:
    Shark: http://www.pandawill.com/remote-cont...oy-p49276.html
    Clownfish: http://www.pandawill.com/remote-cont...oy-p49275.html

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    blimps are pretty pandawill quite safe and fun games.

    The unfortunate were the blimps tragedies caused some real


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    Hahaha! So cute a great gift for childrens. Not for my nephews ... they break everything, but is part of the fun.

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    My kids really want these things.

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    Reply 5# [i]SuperTony

    I go to the link to view the content

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    This one will be back on 2011-10-20


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