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    How to recover deleted photos and videos from memory card of Android phone?

    Post Last Edit by HeroLee at 2011-7-12 16:08

    I use my Samsung Galaxy S2 mobile extensively. It became my third hand. I take photos, record speeches as video and audio, enjoy MP3 music and podcasts etc.
    I have 4GB Micro SD memory card and it is always filled with the stuff above mentioned.
    Recently, I deleted all files in my memory card, unfortunately. Alas! All my stuff wiped out from memory card!
    What to do?
    How to recover them all?

    Who needs Gates, in a world of no fences?
    Google is my friend.There are some memory card data recovery software[/b] available in Windows for data recovery.
    First thing I did is get a card reader for my memory card. Take out the SD card of my Blackberry and put it into card reader. Connect it with my laptop.
    Next, get a data recovery program. So, I have to try another one. I did a google search and got Tenorshare Data Recovery. It is a wonderful data recovery software which can recover almost all type of files from the memory cards. It can recover data after deeply scanning your memory card to look for lost data you accidentally deleted or formatted.

    I download Tenorshare Data Recover. Install it easily under instructions.
    Now scanned the memory card with it. There are four steps to do next.
    Step 1. Select deleted recovery. It will take you a few minutes to scan your SD card;
    Step 2. You can see all deleted files listed on the task window, select the files you want to get back. Click “Recover”;
    Step 3. Select a path folder for the recovered files to save in;
    Step 4. Click "OK" to complete file recovery.

    It recovered all the files from the SD card.
    Wow. Great tool indeed!. Isn’t it?
    Like this, I recovered all the pictures and files by using this tool.
    Thus, download this program and proved that deleted pictures and files CAN be recovered from mobile phone.

    Only mobile phone with SD,SDHC,M2 card or memory stick supported: Blackberry, Verizon Wireless, HTC, LG, Nokia, Sony Experia, Samsung, Motorola etc.

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    HeroLee, thanks for your sharing. It helps. I once met the problem but do not know how to do it. now it is easy for me.

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    Yeah, it is useful, thanks.

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    If the pics on the card are not over written only then you can recover pics and files from the memory card, but you should try at least once. Go for Kernel for FAT and NTFS memory card recovery software for the recovery of your pics and files from the sd memory card. It is an efficient data recovery software which can recover deleted files and pictures instantly. It has an user friendly interface through which you can preview your data in scan mode and then you have the choice to save all or some selective files to your location. for more details go to -

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    Useful, Thanks. Seems a little expensive.

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    Reply 5# [i]SuperTony

    Google to find more photo recovery software.Then you will find out it is much more cheaper.I have bought a much expensive one called Photo Recovery Software(cost me $49.95),so sad to know there is a cheap one here.:'(

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    There are also a couple of freeware tools that can be googled. They aren't too bad. But not even the commercial ones are 100 percent perfect.

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    HeroLee is an AdBot.

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    yes, they have a gang of people to spam in the forum. I have banned them.

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    To recover deleted data of files from memory card or any memory storage device it need a recovery software. This application is need installation in the computer system. Memory card need attachment with computer throw card reader which help to create good facilities and speed of recovery files of memory which as photo or any type.

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