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    firmware for eken M009S

    firmware for eken M009S.rar

    Smaller parts of firmware for you to download:

    firmware for eken M009S.part1.rar

    firmware for eken M009S.part2.rar

    firmware for eken M009S.part3.rar

    This firmware is for eken m009S. Here is its link at pandawill.com
    http://www.pandawill.com/index.p ... &keyword=Eken+M009S

    Instruction for how to flash Eken M009S with this firmware:
    Note: you'd better to format ur TF card firstly or the device possibly is not able to recognize the card.
    1. unzip this attachment and copy it to ur TF card.
    2. plug ur TF card into Eken M009S.
    3. press the power button and the device will identify the firmware and begin to flash automatically.
    4. after finished, start the device again.
    5. done

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    hi, is it a new firmware ? if yes what are the features ? ;)

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    The firmware is offered by the supplier. They generally use this firmware to flash the tablet that has some problems, like freezed up or crashed down.

    To be frank, it is impossible for us to flash every tablet when its firmware comes. Suppliers told us the instructions to flash and we post it in the forum. So now i couldn't tell you what is the new features after flashing Eken M009s with this firmware.

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    Hello I get two Ekens M009S.
    There were was no android market as it is declared in the description.

    Therefore I tried to install tweaked-rom from:
    During the update it stops at 85% and one Eken M009S get bricked.

    When I pres on/off button, only the blue led turns on but display stay black.
    I tried to install official firmware but, nothing is happen.

    Can you help me? How can I repair the boot. I already tried the reset button.

    many thx

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    Reply 4# [i]besik33
    oh , sorry to hear that , would you pls show me your order number first ? then i can check it for you .

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    Order Date: Sunday 27 March, 2011
    Order #: 20190397

    I will be very grateful for the help.
    The bricked tablet just turn the leds but the display stays black from the start. SD card with official firmware was without effect.

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    Reply 6# [i]besik33
    i am sorry to hear that ,Pls press power button and menu buttons for almost 4-5 minutes and then, the green light goes off. Once the green light goes off, then you can just start it again by pressing the power button and it works. maybe can help , pls try. thx , hope to hearing news from u

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    Post Last Edit by besik33 at 2011-4-10 18:43

    My finger are hurting from the buttons. I pressed together power+menu+back button (with and without SD card) and after 2 minutes the blue diode starts blinking for about 2 minutes. But it doesnt have any effect.

    It possible to buy the spare parts from pandawill? If Yes, I want to buy:

    Eken m009s:
    --- the new mainboard (without CPU)
    --- the mainboard with buttons

    http://www.pandawill.com/eken-m0 ... -new-ui_p41961.html

    Purple parts on the image........

    I need the plastic cover for A816 with volume buttons.
    http://www.pandawill.com/new-tmd ... b-black_p40718.html

    I 'have buyed this product elsewher, and It doesnt have volume buttons on the cover.
    However on the mainboard there is moving button for the volume.

    How much it will cost? THX

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    Reply 8# [i]besik33
    hi, i am sor sorry to hear that , if the problem on eken moo9s still exist ,you can send back to us for repair ,pls send email to sophiepandawill@gmail.com to ask returning details ,second , you siad you want to buy Accessories for these two items ,sorry ,we do not sell seperately .

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    Hello thanks for the email. I will send the bricked tablet back to repair.
    On the second tablet I have upload modified firmware from pandawill (eken) for :
    Eken M009S
    Build number generic-eng 2.2 Froyo v1.1.1-20100308.162514

    Only the applications were added or deleted:
    - added gmail, google maps, gtalk, !!!google market!!!!
    - deleted Chinese applications, chinese store, and weather.

    Available for download at:

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