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    firmware for eken M009

    eken M009.part1.rar

    eken M009.part2.rar

    eken M009.part3.rar

    eken M009.part4.rar

    This firmware is for eken m009. Here is its link at pandawill as follows:


    1. format ur TF
    2. unzip the attachment after you download it and copy it to the TF card
    3. plug the TF card into the tablet, which has been turned off
    4. start up the tablet and the system will move on automatically
    5. when the system gives the finished tip and turn off the tablet
    6. start up it again. Done

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    still buggy any update sir?

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    watusi,sorry for my poor understanding.what do you mean ?

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    meaning sir...my apad always restart and loading also camera inverted..thanks

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    watusi your tablet is apad ? Pls tell us the order number to check so that we can give you the right firmware to flash it.

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    my specs below....i think its a clone of eken m009
    blue led idle / red led charge
    turtle back
    no vibrate during start-up at off
    7" display
    256mb ram
    model : generic
    built WMT 2.1.2
    FW: 3.0
    green headset

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    watusi, did you buy it from Pandawill or from other shops? Pls try to reset it to solve the problem that always restart and loading also camera inverted.

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    no maam...i brought it here in the philippines ( chinese shop here) ,already reset but no luck...
    already used m009 new rom and m009 new(1) rom not compatible to me..
    sorry again
    this eken is clone not from pandawill

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    watusi, thanks for your honesty.Suggest you take the tablet to the shop where you bought for warranty.

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