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    PiPo MAX M9 latest firmware

    Hi, just as a warning. Yesterday i flashed the tablet with the latest firmware posted at pipo.cn... This one: version_20130319 http://www.pipo.cn/index.php?m=About...ian_down&id=93

    And.... the tablet wont boot anymore. Have to reflash with the stock ROM.

    I already sent an email to pipo, asking about that firmware. Anyone did try that FW too??


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    Thanks for warning!
    It is terrible.

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    Is the problem in "the screen"?

    Have you tried the 20130315 version?


    The chinese version of the filenames (according to google translater) are something like:

    From what I have seen in other forums, there could be two kind of screens (new version and old version?).
    People with problems with 0319 version have succeed with 0315 version.


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    oh... seems to be somthing in the screen the tablet get black and nothing to do. ill try the other firmware...


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    If it works, please tell it to us.

    Probably the first batch of Pipo M9 were "old version" (since you are one of the lucky persons with one M9, it is an "old version") and current batch are "new version".

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    Hi guys, just flashed with the other FW found in pipo web, flashed OK.

    I think this fix some minor bugs (i didnt discover anyome), still in Androdi 4.1.1

    Waiting for upgrade to 4.2



    Define:Bloat > Bloatware
    The term bloatware is also applied to preinstalled software on a device, usually by the hardware manufacturer, that is unwanted.
    MAX M9 users "new version" -> http://www.pipo.cn/En/index.php?m=Ab...ian_show&id=93 (Chinese & bloat)

    MAX M9 users "old version" -> http://www.pipo.cn/En/index.php?m=Ab...ian_show&id=91 (Chinese & bloat)

    MAX M9 users "old version" -> (English & No Bloat)
    Right now reflashing with it

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    Rockchip Software RK3188

    Hi !

    In the pipo.cn web site in the firmware section is posted the rockchip batch tool v1.5. Not support RK3188.

    For flashing RK3188 devices use version 1.6.

    Yo can download it here... Rockchip Batch Tools 1.6

    It has drivers x86 and x64 for all platforms W2K, XP, SEVEN , VISTA and W8.


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    You can go to settings ->about tablet->kernel version to check if it is old version or new version, old kernel version is #664.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarriePW View Post
    You can go to settings ->about tablet->kernel version to check if it is old version or new version, old kernel version is #664.
    Hi Carrie, do you know if pipo will release 4.2 for the 664 kernel???
    Mine is 664, and if i falsh it with the 4.2 740, the tablet doesnt boot



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