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    user manual for Gpad Gforce(Chinese version)

    user manual for Gpad Gforce(Chinese version).doc

    It is the user manual for Gpad Gforce, but still in Chinese offered by the Gpad company hours ago. They don't have an translator.
    We will try our best to translate it into english, but it will take some time to finish. Please understand. Some pictures are within the user manual. You may get its meaning even if you don't understand Chinese.

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    User manual Gpad Gforce Russian version Pleace

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    Any update about this user manual in English ?

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    english manual

    Post Last Edit by keclaw at 2011-3-25 09:09

    hi english manual is traduce by my but is better than chinese
    i dont know why i cannot aattach the file but if any one need send me the email

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    i have in english if any one needed send me a pm

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    hi keclaw, great to know that u have the English version , would u mind to upload your English version on our forum , so that more members will know it {:3_48:}

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    Thanks my dear dear friend keclaw !!! U are the best !!!:kiss:

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    I have been exploring the functions of the four physical buttons on the GPad GForce and attach a description of what I discovered.

    Hope it is of assistance to other new owners of the GPad
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    Post Last Edit by Muxa52 at 2011-3-26 21:39

    here english manual thx all
    keclaw Post at 2011-3-25 10:56
    this manual exactly for Gpad GForce? picture is slightly different..

    Oh, I'm sorry, in Chinese Manual the same pictures
    thanks so much for manual

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