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    Download New Android Market (.apk) For Android 2.2, 2.1 and Prev Versions

    Post Last Edit by kashifmahmood at 2011-8-13 00:50

    1. Android Market For Android 2.2/2.3/2.4/3.0/3.1 Phones/Tablets [Download] 1.76MB
    2. Android Market For Android 2.1/2.0/1.6/1.5 and lower Phones/Tablets [Download] 2.02MB

    Both the versions are unzipped versions (i.e Android Market.apk files) and you can directly download them onto your SD card or from your phones and tablets browsers.

    I am not having any luck with the new Android market on my G10 running a lower firmware version (#225). I recommend you download and save these both versions for the rainy days before you try to installed any firmware updates

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    I have just installed your pre-froyo market on #301 and it works just fine. Indeed it has revamped sleeker looks. The only drawback is that it breaks Fast Web Install from AppBrain, otherwise it's OK.

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    Thank you for sharing this, kashifmahmood!{:3_48:}

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    Hello, will this apk work on a Herotab M10 (Android 2.2) with no Android Market preinstalled?

    Many thanks!

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    Go ahead and install, only then you will be able to know, if cannot be installed, it will give you the message unable to install app and thats it !

    Good luck !

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    Reply 6# [i]kashifmahmood

    Many thanks, kashifmahmood. I will try and let you know when I receive the tablet!


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    will this work on the gpad g10 2.3

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    This android market is for Android 2.2, 2.1 and Prev Versions. You need to check your gpad g10.
    gpad g10 2.3, I am afraid you can not use it.

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    Can you tell me direct link to download for tablet 2,1 Android ?

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