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    "Cell standby" in Battery Use

    Has anyone ever gone to "battery use" and checked it out? Go to settings, device, battery use. Well I have display 19% use, wifi 12% use, device idle 6% use, and then Cell standby 65%!!! Is there anyway I can get rid of this "cell standby", since it seems that it's eating most of my battery? Cell standby... is that because this operating system is ripped from a phone and this thing thinks it's a phone? If someone could explain this to me that would be great. Since it's taking up 65% of my battery life, I'd like to figure out a way to remove this, or modify it so it wont eat so much!

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    Post Last Edit by AndroidApple87 at 2010-12-5 16:35

    Just looked up some stuff on cell standby and I went to some Android forums where people were talking about how their cell standby was high on their PHONE. And cell standby will ONLY be high if you aren't using your phone much for calling. Well we don't have phones, we have tablets, sooo..
    I then searched "Cell Standby on tablets"...and people with these chinese tablets were saying how they have a lot of battery usage from "cell standby". There are .apks in our tablets Dialer, TelephonyProvider and Phone that we need to delete in order to basically get rid of any "cell phone" applications on this device. So, I probably need to root my tablet, and delete those apps? I read that after deleting those .apks they noticed better battery life and slower drain. One member also said he thought his wifi was having better signal!
    Maybe I'm onto something here, and we can figure out a way to get really GOOD battery life on these things (if we could get 10 hours with wifi on, It'd be a dream come true), unless someone else already tried to delete these things and failed.
    Off to do more research!
    Hmm, lets all put some effort into figuring this out!!

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    Hmmm... I think you can't remove the Dialer, TelephonyProvider and Phone apks becouse these part of the android os !. In the kernel there are many call to these apks and if you remove them the system will be unstable or freezing ...

    Otherwise if you rooted your system you can remove them ...but not recommend ...

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    Reply 2# [i]AndroidApple87

    the cell standby is the same as when you put the device on standby by turning off the screen. it is only named "call standby" because it is ripped from a phone. as we know Android up to the current version is for phone only. do not try to remove any of those, it will make the system become unstable and probaby need a reflash. the "cell standby is just the same as if the name would have been "standby". it is due to the device not being in use and the screen off wheich put it in "standby".

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    Post Last Edit by AndroidApple87 at 2010-12-6 01:13

    Hmmm, I dunno. It wouldnt make sense to me that erasing a Phone and TelephonyProvider apk would do anything to a tablet that isn't used a phone. To me, it would just erase an unneeded apk. I mean, we don't use it as a phone, or need a "TelephonyProvider" .

    The reason why I dont understand why I cant delete them is because I found several websites where people with tablets were deleting these apks to increase battery life. Go to Google and look up "Cell standby tablets"... there are many people in different forums that were deleting the telephonyprovider. Lemme post this quote from a site:

    "Works well, except something unexpected is consuming power; Just having the tablet turned on will drain the battery in 2-3 hours. Also, the power status shows 40% of my battery is always being used by "cell standby";

    The member later said: " The key was to delete the Telephony application. This tablet has no phone. After deleting the following built-in applications, TelephonyProvider & Phone, A new icon appeared in the top box, it was a signal bar strength icon with an X in it.

    Now the "Cell standby" no longer appears, and the battery lasts 3-5 hours depending on what I am doing."

    So basically before he was getting 2-3 hours, after deleting telephonyprovider he was getting 3-5 hours, so an average of 2 extra hours of battery life after deleting it.

    I understand what you guys are saying, but at the same time, I just dont think deleting a Phone apk from a tablet that has no use for a phone apk, will do anything harmful to it.

    I'm off to research some more.

    And Chris, what you said about the standby doesnt make sense really, because I hardly even put it on standby, most of the time if it's on, then I'm using it (I have a habit of turning my devices off when I'm not using them).. so having the cell standby take up more than half of my battery doesn't sound right. Also, I already have a portion of my battery drained from when the device is on "sleep", and that is the device idle portion that I mentioned (takes up 6%). Idle meaning just sitting still in sleep mode. Also when people delete telephonyprovider and phone apks, they no longer saw "CELL STANDBY" in battery use, it completely erased it.

    I'm definitely not gonna delete these apks yet, but like I said, doesn't make sense that deleting them would make this tablet run unstable.

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    Post Last Edit by AndroidApple87 at 2010-12-6 01:26

    Also found a way that someone got rid of the "cell standby" problem without deleting the apks. They put it on airplane mode, THEN turned on Wifi. Doing that seemed to lower "cell standby".

    If "cell standby" weren't taking up 65% of my battery life, I'd leave my tablet alone, and wouldn't care. But I think this is why these tablets get such short life! If something that is not used (such as a phone apk) is using up so much battery, I gotta figure out a way to fix it!!

    EDIT: Cant even find an "airplane" mode.

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    Post Last Edit by AndroidApple87 at 2010-12-6 02:12

    Just checked again "cell standby" is now 75% of my battery!! Gotta get rid of this. It says "cell radio". Theres gotta be a way to modify this. Trying to get an airplane mode widget or something to shut off the cell radio. I got a power control plus apk from wont work because when I tried using it, it knew I didnt pay for it, which disables me from using it.

    I dunno, maybe you guys are right. I wish there were more information about this. Just seems this cell standby is using up wayy too much.

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    Post Last Edit by AndroidApple87 at 2010-12-6 02:38

    Since I put in an airplane toggle, my "cell standby" has dropped to 53% from 75%, so maybe I did something good?

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    Reply 8# [i]AndroidApple87

    there is always a possibility. we are all learning as the time goes by. we'll someday figure out how these things operates. i know the guys that are porting the 2.2 will get rid of most of these usless things. but like others have said it is part of the Kenel. Android up to now was only ment for phone. we are the once pusing it. am sure with 3.0+ there will be less problems, but that's a long, long shot away.

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    Post Last Edit by AndroidApple87 at 2010-12-6 02:56

    Since putting it on airplane mode. "Cell standby" battery usage has dropped from 75% to 45%. This is about 25 minutes after putting in on airplane using power toggle widget.

    Yeah Chris, totally understand what you are saying. I hope they eventually get rid of all this useless crap!! I just think this cell signal trying to find a signal, has to have something to do with the horrible battery life for these things.

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