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    This is not the problem, I use Windows XP to works with that. The problem is the ".img" file is corrupted into archive (of course, it will not be funny else), so please could you check and made a new archive and upload it again or just tell me where I can download firmware directly, you will save my life and be my god.

    On another thread (about PD10, PD20.. firmware), I found direct link to freelander site, but nowhere I found firmware for PD90...I will kill myself

    And for your information, driver works well under Win 8, only not installable, we have to disable driver signature in advanc boot parameter to install it, after all works wel and install drivers for Seven...
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    Sorry to be such a noob. But is there any way you can post a video on how to root this device?

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    Quote Originally Posted by feanor91 View Post
    no, because I bricked it

    But see here:http://www.slatedroid.com/topic/4142...eelander-pd90/ I explain all.
    but you didn't say that you brick the tablet in that post?

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    No, because I bricked it later by booting AFTER I have change build.prop. root didn't brick the tablet, but my stupidity does (and a lak of knowledge, because since I had this problem, I see a lot of people bricked phone or pad by changing build.prop.

    By the way, you'r right I will add a warning to the tread, thanks to point me.

    Do you have this pad? Because I just found that thread http://www.freaktab.com/showthread.p...sing-ADB-guide that explain how to get img file so, if you could extract it, do it, for security reason (always have backup before doing anything dangerous).

    Edit:Modification done, thanks
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    The image file is mising. Download size is only 10Mb

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    Yes, your right, and it is the problem, I think it must be around 300Mb, I wait for a new archive that have firmware in it to unbrick my pad...

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    It's a shame I hope you can unbrick it. I bought the PD90 but I haven't recieved yet so I was doing a research about rooting the tablet before arrives. You can try found a new firmware in this link
    you have to use ID table I don't know if this works but it's the Freelander website so try it.

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    Good news is that you will be able to root as I already did.

    For the link I already arrives on it, but was enable to make subscription...Me and chinese you know...And even translate by google it stays almost not understanble.

    I think I am the first to buy such a tablet, I have since 1 weeks tomorrow and only today I begin to have answers.

    By the way, you will see it is a wonderfull pad when it runs, of course, very fluid, screen is beautifull, go fast, interface is good, but I installed Go Launcher HD. I love this pad so I hope I will have a firmware quickly. If you find something somewhere...

    If someone talking chinese (hum...reading in fact) could subscribe to the site to see if there is something, here my serial number : p101211022804334.

    carriePW works hard to get a working firmware, my last intel was manufacturer will send one, but I didn't know when it could be online.

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    Hi again,
    I found the ftp with a file named PD90 the size is 400mb but it's very very slow. These are the data:
    user: after
    password: link-down

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