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Thread: Momo9 star root

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    Momo9 star root

    Hola ppl.
    I just got momo9 star from china and im trying to root it.
    I've read a lot of how to's on how to root momo9 but neither worked for me.I dunno if its because those guides are for regular momo9 not "star" version,either way
    i got Livesuit running,choose rom and connected pad to pc.
    Next pc cant recognize usb or if it does recognize it nothing happens.
    Anyone have any ideas?
    Thx in advance.

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    Try to root with Unlock root application:

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    Cheers mate thank you,but it looks like i cant do anything.
    It keeps asking for drivers.Than it tries to install his own.It pops up:
    "Do you want try to install driver?"
    i click "Yes" and nothing happens than again it pop up with "Do you want try to install driver?" and it keeps that loop till i say no.
    Any other ideas?

    Ok i managed to make it work from mah laptop which is running 32-bit Windows xp.Problem was probably in 64-bit Windows 7 on my PC.
    OKi so i have rooted it now,how can i install another Rom on it?Without all that chinese bloatware.
    Thx again.Cheers
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    Here is multiple drivers pack, try with 64 bit drivers:
    I do not recommend to reinstall firmware. Chinese applications you can simply deactivate from Settings->Applications.

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    Oki mate,i'll leave them on.
    Thx for all the help,really appreciate it.

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    I managed to remove default programs but i need to install USB drivers now.
    Tried to install drivers u linked but couldn't.
    I've got "Android device" under other device so i fallowed instructions in pictures,but when i choose folder where i extract them "Windows was unable to install your Android" pop up.
    And basically nothing happens i still get Android with " ! " under device manager.
    Any idea what i'm doing wrong?
    Thx in advance


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