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    how to replace battery?

    Can someone help me.
    I need to replace battery on my gpad. The one inside doesn't function.
    How to open gpad and find battery?
    looking forward to your help. thanks

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    Which model do you have, G10 or G11? Why do you want to replace the battery? You can't charge the battery?

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    battery on my new g10 doesn't charge at all. I've decided to replace it. Only I don't know how to do it.
    Can you help me with this question?

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    If your gpad is aluminum, you can open it like in freefallindz's video I think. However, if it has a plastic shell you have to unscrew 7 screws. You can't open the screen cover by using a suction cup if it hasn't got aluminum shell. Look at this topic, my last post :


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    Thanks guys for your links.
    Hi ddisson, did you charge it with charger which comes with the package? It can't charge with USB cable. IF you can't charge it with charger, then you can try to replace the battery according to the above links or send it to the repair/tele shop for help.

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    big thanks to everyone! you really helped me.
    yes I have plastic g10 and yes I tried to charge it with charger, of cause.
    So as soon as I got new battery from pandawill (already had made a request) I'll try to replace it according to the links above.
    Once more. thank you!

    p.s pity but it's too expensive for me to send g10 back for repair. it costs 25% of it value(

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    Reply 8# [i]ddisson

    Whats the price for batteries pandawill will send you?

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    This is a good question. My experience is that most cellphone and laptop batteries last about two years - but this can vary a lot.

    How long do you think the G10 battery will last?
    Once the battery is no good, will it be easy or difficult to get a replacement battery installed?

    I imagine if the battery lasts more than a year, it would probably be battery to just buy a new tablet, because the new tablets will be so much more powerful in the future.

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