Since the android market is updated to google play, the problem of "this app is not compatible with your device" gets to be general.
I searched on the internet and find some explanation and solutions. Welcome to add your ideas or finding here as well.

Why it happens?
When a user searches or browses on Google Play on an Android device, the results are filtered based on which applications are compatible with that device. For example, if an application requires a camera (as specified in the application manifest file), then Google Play will not show the app on any device that does not have a camera.
Declarations in the manifest file that are compared to the device's configuration is not the only part of how applications are filtered. Filtering might also occur due to the user's country and carrier, the presence or absence of a SIM card, and other factors.
Changes to the Google Play filters are independent of changes to the Android platform itself. This document is updated periodically to reflect any changes that affect the way Google Play filters applications.

solution 1:
0. Set the correct data and time.
1. Settings > Applications > All > Google Services Framework > Force Stop > Clear data.
2. Settings > ... Google Play Store > Force Stop > Clear data.
3. Reboot tablet.
If it doesn't work, do steps 1 and 2 again, then boot into CWM and do:
a) "wipe dalvik-cache" and
b) "format cache".

solution 2:
Get a build.prop editor from the marketplace (should be available to most devices) and copied the settings from tablet

solution 3:
update your tablet to newer ROM.

solution 4:
install Google Play Store (Android Market) v3.5.15 + Mod Apk App