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12-11-2012, 01:30 PM
Hello, after updating my tablet with: http://www.pandawillforum.com/soft/YEAHPAD%20A13%20HAN%201.rar i fall in troubles, firstly display was about 1cm shifted from left. Tried many other roms, about only 3 works touch screen, but display is shifted by 1cm from left, other just boot up propertly, screen is in corect position but, touch screen deosn't work. Any body maybe know where to get new version of stock firmware for YeahPad A13?

Tried almost all of them (http://inside4ndroid.moonfruit.com/#/a13-ab-downloads/4570792769 and from http://soaljawabandroid.blogspot.com/2012/12/himpunan-romsofficial-firmware-untuk.html):

Q8A13 51324 (sendspace) Download
Yeahpad A13 (sendspace) Download
A13B-sun5i_a13-pfdq88_7660_en_0620.img (sendspace) Download
M-726 TIA 06 27_3.img (sendspace) Download
sun5i_android_a13-pfdq88_en_D06.img (sendspace) Download
A13 F9 00 (filefactory) Download
A13 MID nuclear pfdq88c-eng-IMM76D (filefactory) Download
A13 jsaQ88 V1 4.0.4 (filefactory) Download
A13 Vi60 v1.4rc3 (filefactory) Download
A13 jsaQ88 CPT 4GB 20120908 a13b (filefactory) Download
A13 M-726 TIA 06 27 3 (filefactory) Download
A13 Yeahpad 20120803-cpt (filefactory) Download
A13 D50 sc3038n sdk1.4 20120709 v1 (filefactory) Download
A13 pfdq88 CPT 0 (filefactory) Download
A13 Sun5i Android PFDQ88 0613 Gsens (4shared) Download
A13 Q8A13 51324 4G (4shared) Download
A13B pfdq88 en D06 (4shared) Download
A13 sun5i pfdq88 V1.5 0816 20120818 040501A (4shared) Download
A13-A (4shared) Download
A13B pfdq88 CPT 7660 d06 (4shared) Download
A13 Sun5i 20120502 CN (4shared) Download
A13 Sun5i p76v 20120504 CN (4shared) Download
A13B sun5i 0712 PFD (4shared) Download
A13 Kiano YoungIIs Android 4 Download

Tried even to modifi display driver, still no luck
Extracted Rom IMG file and there are many settings for Display and it driver, maybe any body knows what to look for?

lcd_used = 1

lcd_x = 800
lcd_y = 480
lcd_dclk_freq = 33
lcd_pwm_not_used = 0
lcd_pwm_ch = 0
lcd_pwm_freq = 18000
lcd_pwm_pol = 1
lcd_if = 0

or some display drivers

ctp_used = 1
ctp_name = "Gt811-TS",
ctp_twi_id = 1
ctp_twi_addr = 0x5d
ctp_screen_max_x = 800
ctp_screen_max_y = 480
ctp_revert_x_flag = 0
ctp_revert_y_flag = 1
ctp_exchange_x_y_flag = 1

ctp_int_port = port:PG11<6><default>
ctp_wakeup = port:PB03<1><default><default><1>
ctp_reset = port:PB03<1><default><default><1>
;ctp_io_port = port:PG11<6><default>
and so on


12-15-2012, 12:05 AM
There are many diferent roms there:


TJCP12082802Q8-zx-en-d06-hi704-bsr-ddr388-v1.5_20120829_110303A (Quite smoothly working)

Some of these roms works even better then stock one, but can't find any perfect one where everythink works

01-11-2013, 08:48 AM
Finally found suitable rom!

A13 Q88-v0709-20121109.rar (518.5M):

Works touchscreen, wifi, there isn't only camera and g-sensor, I will try to get working drivers for them

09-19-2013, 09:26 PM
does not work the page does not have another one for problems to the touch